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Carpet Repair and Stretching
21 Years Experience Repairing All Types Of Carpet


With over 20 years of carpet experience in Tulsa All American’s expert repair technicians can easily handle all of your repair needs. Burns, split seams, pet damage, holes, tears or other types of damage can easily be repaired. We also offer padding replacement, tack strips installation, thresholds, and repairs to stained areas. No matter what type of carpet repair you need we are equipped with the tools and experience to get the job done.

Carpet Stretching

If you notice humps, waves, wrinkles or ripples in your carpet it is probably in need of re-stretching. At All American Carpet Cleaning our technicians use only the most modern and effective power stretchers to ensure your carpet will not need stretching again for years to come. With a 100%  guarantee that will leave you satisfied every time.

Patching Holes and Stains

Have an area where your pet has clawed through the carpet leaving an unsightly hole? How about those nasty burns left from cigarettes or sparks from the fire place? Or maybe you have a koolaid, rust, or hair dye stain that won’t come out.  We have repair solutions for all these situations that in most cases can be fixed so well you will never know they were there.

Carpet to Hard Surface Transitions

Have you recently had hardwood or tile flooring installed that meets your carpet and needs a proper transition?  We can make the most professional carpet to hard surface repair available guaranteed to give you years of safe and durable service.

Carpet and Pad Relay

Have you had a not so professional water damage company remove your carpet pad and make unsightly cuts in your doorway seams ? We are excellent at relaying pad and putting back together your doorway seams leaving little or no evidence of the damage.

Carpet Seam Repair

Do you have seams that are fraying, unraveling or just coming apart completely? We have the knowledge to fix berber, plush pile, commercial, or any other type of seam repair you might need.

Carpet Installation

We also offer complete carpet installation service for all types of commercial and residential carpets.
All installations come with a 2 year warranty that will cover any types of problems you may have due to installation. Such as wrinkles, fraying, seam separation or any other installation related issues.


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